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Jamshedpur School of Music

Over 55 years ago the seed was sown for the birth of Western classical music in Jamshedpur. The present owner, Ronald D’Costa, and his sister were students of the renowned Professor Innocencey Franz under whose guidance they learned to play the violin and the piano. Prof Franz was not only a musician but also a composer. He composed the song ‘The Dove’. Earlier, he had played in an orchestra that recorded music for Hindi films in Bombay. He retired and settled in this city. Thanks to him, Ronald completed the VI-grade exam in 1960 from Trinity School of Music, London. Ronald’s sister, Celine, went on to complete the eighth grade. Prof. Franz left Jamshedpur in the seventies. Since then, there has been no one in Jamshedpur who taught or learned Western classical music for the Exams. Read more


Blood Donation at Boulevard Hotel

The employees of Brubeck Bakery took time off to organize a Blood donation camp in the Penthouse of Boulevard Hotel. 60 bottles were collected. The volunteers were also from those working in outlets in D'Costa Mansion, including GKB Optical, Cellunet also were happy to be part of this donation effort. Ryan D'Costa stated that we will conduct this program twice a year. Read more


Lee Durrell's visit to Jamshedpur

Lee Durrell is visiting Jamshedpur in mid-April on a sentimental journey to rediscover the house where he was born and also admire the many buildings his father, Lawrence Samuel Durrell built. Ronald DCosta, CEO of Boulevard Hotel, convenor of Gerald Durrell's initiative is part of the team Tata Steel initiated to ensure that the visit is successful. Read more


Nelly, Mary and Thomas

Nelly, Mary and Thomas have very pleasant memories of Jamshedpur when they came with their father, Jean-Claude Carlin in 1993. Thomas was at Loyola and the two girls were at Sacred Heart School. Nelly who is completing finance, and Mary, who is in engineering, planned this sentimental journey to re-live their wonderful childhood by going back to their old house on Kapali Road, Bistupur market, Sacred Heart School and also the Timken factory. They had a very enjoyable stay at the Boulevard Hotel. Read more


Visitors from University of Twente, Netherlands

A group of forty budding engineers from the University of Twente, Netherlands visited our city of Jamshedpur. They visited the Steel Works and even the Iron Ore Mines. They take back with them many happy memories and the great experience of our heritage hotel. They left joyful and happy. Read more


Real steel: Jamshedpur’s little-known war history

… As there were no proper hotels in Jamshedpur to lodge the Allied forces, Bartholomew’s son John was asked to build one hastily! Using bricks from his kiln and cutlery bought from Lord’s, a Calcutta hotel that was closing down, he set up The Boulevard Hotel in December 1940 … Read more


Homecomings: Prawal Rahman

Popular film director, and Loyola School alumnus, returned to Jamshedpur to campaign for the now successful Dr Ajay Kumar, during his MP bid. Prawal’s recently released movie, 404, has already won critical acclaim, nationally and internationally. He visited us to renew contacts. His father Mr R.R. Pandey and hotel managing partner Mr Ronald D'Costa studied at the same time at XLRI. Read more

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