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Tata Steel Art-in-Industry: Acclaimed art-world visitors at The Boulevard Hotel


Lina VincentThe Tata Steel Art-in-Industry, an annual event held at the Centre for Excellence in Jamshedpur from October 31 to November 3, 2023, centered around the theme 'Art for the Planet - Celebrating Diversity and Inspiring Change.' This theme underscores the enduring commitment of the camp to embrace inclusivity and diversity across various dimensions.

The Boulevard Hotel was visited by two distinguished participants for this year's Tata Steel Art-in-Industry event. Lina Vincent, an independent art historian and curator with two decades of experience in arts management, is dedicated to socially engaged practices evident in her multidisciplinary projects. Her research and writing focus on arts education, printmaking history and practice, documenting living traditions and folk arts in India, and promoting environmental consciousness in the arts.

Subodh KerkarSubodh Kerkar, a qualified medical professional who transitioned to the arts three decades ago, has established himself as a notable figure in conceptual and land art. He serves as the founding director of the Museum of Goa, one of the largest privately-owned contemporary art spaces in the region.

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